Culture & Language



There are no fluent speakers of snchitsu’umshtsn, which makes our school’s mission to create new fluent speakers of the Coeur d’ ALene Language to protect our Language from disappearance.

We also plan to spread awareness of language endangerment as well show our children how important the language is.


To create fluency in snchitsu’umshtsn for all age levels and in all domains.

Program Synopsis

As a Tribally controlled school we focus primarily on our student’s cultural heritage, language development, and the need for future community leaders. Our goals are to help our students develop a sense of self through understanding their history and culture by providing them opportunities for self-discovery. Our program provides them an ability to see their place in the community and give them the tools to develop new opportunities for the future. Looking to focus on cultural, language development, and community involvement we hope expect to observe positive gains in student understanding and connectivity to their culture and community.

James LaSarte-Whistocken

Language Teacher

“I’ve been the Coeur d’Alene Language teacher at Tribal School for the last 5 years and I must be doing a good job because they keep asking me to come back.”

Traditional Teachings

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“Because we deal with medicine and because we talk about life, trauma and the circle of life,” he said. “As with all things when we make things, it’s where their heart is, where their mind is. Just like when we pick the medicine, ‘Where is your mind and heart?'”

– Wade McGee